Friday, April 22, 2011


Slowly things are getting back to routine.  Little Bear has a cold right now so a few sleepless nights for all but otherwise (knock on wood) we are doing very well.  He is such a smiley, happy little guy who loves to sing songs with me, we practice hugging on his new teddy, he blows kisses, and has the cutest giggle. 

Since we arrived home March 5th he has progressed from not really moving much with his legs at all to crawling by the end of March and just last week he took his first steps holding onto Mommy's fingers. Its like watching everything happen in fast forward he is making such huge gains daily.  He is very verbal in a babbly sort of way but you can distinctly tell mamamamama (often VERY loudly), dadadadada (with delight), and when he's ticked off I get "digidigidigi!!!".

When we first came home LB had ghiardia, which we are getting checked to ensure it is gone (fingers crossed), and some type of scalp issue which cleared up within 2 weeks using an antifungal cream.  I share this info just to help other PAP's be prepared for what may happen. THere is a wee bit of a bloated belly yet, we're still trying to figure out the cause but I have to say that overall we feel that he is in excellent health and the Ped. agrees. 

Now we just need to get rid of this pesky cold of his and we can really have some fun.  For now here are some pics of LB's daily fun times (please disregard my general shabbiness in photos-some days just go like that):