Monday, November 29, 2010

Still Crazy Busy...or Perhaps Just Crazy!

Honestly it could go either way depending on the day. The good news is that work is going great, I have 2 classes of wonderful students who bring me great joy. Belly dance ended tonight not to resume until March. Zumba carries on....ah Zumba how I love thee....the greatest stress reducer EVER!

Unfortunately still just waiting waiting and more waiting on the baby front.

On the other hand, it HAS taken us the entire time since referral to finally settle on a name for Little Bear. We have waffled on this so much it drove me crazy(er). For a while the poor guy had 6 names plus our last name. We have narrowed it down to three plus the last name. Much more manageable. We will unveil when we know we are traveling-give you something to look forward to. I think the difficulty was that we are afraid Little Bear might be our only child (we would love a houseful but not sure we can go through this emotional upheaval again) and so each had names to include that were important to us. Thank goodness that is settled!

We haven't had an update since September, and call me crazy but I am guessing that from 7/8 mos to 11mos old there are some big changes happening in a babies life....I'd like to know if he is crawling yet, have they started him on any foods besides formula, does he sleep well, oh I could go on and on about the questions that keep me up at night. 

Still, I am comforted knowing that he is well cared for at the TH. I just wish I felt like I knew more of what he was going through. For example, in the Sept. pic we noticed a scar on his leg that was not there before. How he got it we will never know...I don't want the pile of "stuff we will never know" to keep growing.

I pray daily for a Christmas miracle for our family, not necessarily that we will go get him over the holidays, but that we could at least know that he passed his medical and the paperwork has been sent on.  That would definitely be the best gift I could ever receive.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Little Retail Therapy for MOI

Ok, so its not chocolate and wine but these ARE pretty awesome!

I have been working out so much (zumba 4 times a week) that my old shoes just wore right out. These new Zigs are  amazing to wear and so far I love them! But I had to buy a men's shoe as I refuse to wear the saccharine girly colours. Surprisingly these are narrow enough for a woman to wear comfortably.

For my down time my little nerdy self was ecstatic to find the latest book from the Wheel of Time series on sale-woot woot!!

See, I CAN find things to enjoy in my life today. Right now. I think I had a whole hour where I wasn't worried about adoption. It felt great.