Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to the Distraction List!

I am driving myself nuts with stress and worry so back to the distraction list.

Technique Number One:  Keep VERY busy
        My Current Schedule looks something like this:
  1. Full Time Teacher-40 hours minimum per week-find time to mark and plan in evenings and weekends.
  2. Teach Belly Dancing Monday nights for an hour (super excited to get this going tomorrow!)
  3. Teach Zumba Monday (after Belly Dance), Wednesday, and Friday evenings
  4. Add in teaching Zumba on Thursday nights starting in October.
  5. Find time to practice presentations for Math program (presenting to other teachers 3 times over next two months), create posters, refine power point, make and take games etc.(of course my division does NOT give me time to do this-all the prep is on my own time), then facilitate monthly meetings thereafter
  6. Present on second math technology program once in Oct. (must remember to prep for this sometime)
  7. Start Dance Club to be held 1-2 times per week after school (I refuse to coach a sport so this is my compromise)
  8. This week alone I have 2 "must attend" school functions

Technique Number Two: When not doing one of the above listed items-cook!
  I am no Julia Child but lately my nesting habits have been in overdrive. This weekend alone I have made "Dump Cake", meatballs in 2 different sauces (one for parties one for spaghetti), 2 casseroles, and Parmesan potatoes (currently in oven). I also have ready to go in my freezer homemade stew, hamburger soup, buffalo chicken wing soup, and a lentil bake. No I am not crazy! Cooking this way ensures healthy meals for my wee family that merely need to defrost and heat. We have enough now that I shouldn't need to really cook for about 2 weeks. If I don't do this type of cooking every night becomes "I'm too tired to cook" and we spend way too much money on pizza and other eating out. Which we cannot afford to do given the extended adoption wait times and US$ each month that we are shelling out for Little Bear's care. I am not in the slightest upset about providing for my son- he is ours and WE WILL CARE/PROVIDE FOR HIM....however ask me how happy I am about the extended wait times, constantly changing process, lack of information, and general VISA wait issues and my left eye starts to twitch....ahem  back on topic :)

Technique Number Three: When in doubt drink!
  Currently I am a big fan of these wines:  their Pomme d'Or is amazing, also love  the Baco Noir with any BBQ food is fabulous!  We brought back several cases of wine with us from Nova Scotia and these two vineyards were our favourites.   But hey -anything will do for distraction. I personally love to sip wine while gazing out at our currently spectacular view of the lake in its Fall foliage.

Stay tuned for more distraction techniques!  I hope your life is blissful enough not to need them!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Too Confused to Blog?

I don't know how else to explain my brain these days. All I hear in my head is "when, when, when will that visa arrive?", all I feel in my heart is "sad sad sad" my arms seem to echo "empty empty empty", much like the crib that sits in the room that I can't bare to walk into anymore.

With the latest "hey let's s*%$w with the adoptions of families by asking for new and different VISA documents-just because we can and with no explanation" I think I have finally reached my limit for "must maintain a positive outlook" quota. I am officially done with being patient, optimistic, and silver lining-ish. Congratulations VISA people-you've beaten it out of me!  The woman who was previously known as "sunshine" by most of her friends-is on hiatus. Now there is just a whole lot of stormy, pissed off, mother bear.