Wednesday, March 30, 2011

retroesophageal abscess

Sounds great right? This little tongue twister would be the reason why I have been absent lately.  After we came home March 5th I kept noticing that I had a sore throat and was worried about a cold coming on. A couple of days went by and my throat was still sore but no cold so I thought I was doing a  great job of keeping a cold at bay.  Then  a week goes by and I am SOOO tired. I couldn't believe how hard it was to get out of bed and do my mommy things.  I kept thinking that maybe it was depression? perhaps a delayed reaction to all of the changes in our lives....but kept going because my family needed me.  Then Monday the 21st the throat seemed pretty bad but I had to teach 2 dance classes so on I go, made it through belly dance-but now I had what felt like muscle aches up and down the back of my neck.  Kept chugging water, and pushed on-by midway through my Zumba class I was REALLY worried, I could feel that my muscles were not responding properly and I had 0 energy.  My class actually stopped to check on we called it quits 10 minutes early and I drove home.  Then followed 2 days and nights of what I thought was the worst flu I had had in YEARS.  Of course during the days I am still taking care of Little Bear-but truly just barely making it through, I felt horrible physically and emotionally because I knew I was not at my best and felt that I was cheating him.  Wed, I called hubby home early and inssisted on going to the Dr. who at first couldn't fit me in thank goodness for a cancellation and off to the Dr. we went.  She noticed an infection, prescribed some antibiotics and other tests and off to the pharmacy we go.  By the time I arrive at the pharmacy the Dr. called and wanted me back.  She suspected the abscess and insisted we needed to drive (3hours) to Winnipeg emergency where she had a Dr. waiting for me.  (I didn't know that left untreated this was almost always fatal).  Suffice it to say that after 3 hours waiting in Emergency I finally was in had CT scans, blookwork etc. and was admitted overnight.  Had surgery by 11am the next day and just got out of hospital on Saturday.  My wonderful mom flew up from Wyoming to let me recover while she took care of the road to recovery will hopefully be swift!!! 

 I would like life to settle into some kind of "normal" anytime now.  Unfortunately we seem to attract trouble and drama.  Anyway, if you don't hear from me for a while its just because I am trying to recover as swiftly as possible. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just a few pics...

ok so being a mommy is a lot of hard work.  I am still learning how to juggle everything but I have never enjoyed anything so much either!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shhhhh There's a baby in the crib!

We made it back last night. Wonderful trip, loved Ethiopia, but happy to be back in my own bed.  Currently both of the men in my life are catching their zzzzz's, for some reason I am full of energy and am just running around trying to get settled into our house again. 

Biya is amazing!!! He has made incredible progress already in the strength in his legs-he will be walking in no time. I love his baby laugh,  and I kid you not calling him "Little Bear" was prophetic.  When he is happy he growls at us!!!  I swear he came that way on his own-it is so perfect and melts my heart.  I will try to capture it on video (as soon as I figure out how to get my computer to upload it all) I will post it.  Seriously its just about the funniest baby sound EVAH. 

So for now we are home, safe, and loving every minute.