Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hurry Up and wait ...again

So we are likely not getting that Christmas baby present like we hoped. Currently looking more like a February baby???????? I was so furious, I am much calmer now-I know there is nothing that I can do about any of it-which makes me more frustrated-I HATE not being in control!!!

Here's the scoop:due to Little Bear's cold/ear infection the immigration Dr. woudn't sign off on the medical form for immigration. Ok, so no big deal, the Dr. says that if the chest x-ray comes back clear the medical will be signed and approved without seeing my babe again (same case for another adoptive family whose son shares the TH with our son). So, the x-rays come back a week later, totally clear-no problems at ALL....the Dr. signs off on the other little boy but does not sign off on Little Bear's medical- WTH???? Then, keep in mind my son has at this point presented as completely healthy...they put him in the hospital for 1 or 2 days (details unclear) shove a tube up his nose and down into his stomach to do a stomach secretions test......that will TAKE 8 WEEKS to get the results back. This is just to get the medical done...doesn't even count however many weeks immigration will need to sign off their approval afterwards.

I understand that Dr.'s are under a lot of pressure to ensure that all immigrants are clear of TB, what bothers me is the seemingly random nature of just picking Little Bear to be the medical version of an audit...yep, he's a TB audit. This just stinks and I am trying really hard to keep a cool face to my colleagues and local folks but the truth is that I am livid over this. How DARE they treat my perfectly healthy baby that way. I could understand doing the tests if there was something in the x-ray that was bothersome...but there was NOTHING wrong!!! Like my son needed that kind of trauma? At this rate we are going to miss his first birthday, seeing him crawl, there is just so much that we are missing it breaks my heart.

I need a hug...and chocolate...and wine....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another step forward....kinda

Yea! The Visa folks have issued the request for a medical, 'course that was last week...Little Bear had a cold/ear infection so nope...Dr. wouldn't sign off. Sooooo a week of antibiotics, if he is better by Friday MAYBE the Dr. will sign off? Who knows. I hope it works and that we go get him soon the boss is already trying to give away my job...I mean find a mat. leave replacement for me. :) To my American friends- I am extremely grateful that I get a whole 6 months of maternity leave-how awesome is that!?!?! To my Canadian friends-WTF kind of prejudice is this- I only get 1/2 the time that a birth mother gets? no wonder I am so mixed up-I don't know whether to be elated or pissed off and "gipped" feeling.

I am still holding out for the best Christmas present EVER!!!

I want to kiss these lips people!!!!! How cute are they!?!?!?