Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taking A BIG Leap of Faith

Ok folks, I'm gonna do it. I am putting up the infamous "COUNTDOWN TO REFERRAL TICKER" do you hear the dramatic voice in that statement? We are at 16 months DTC next week, and I need less counting up, a little more counting down. I am setting the little guy for June 30/2010 which would be the 23 month mark for us. Seriously, if it goes any longer than that I WILL mutiny!!! Notice the slight bit of strain to my zenness...

Oh well, we all knew it couldn't last forever...but I'm still trying. Ommmmmm Ommmmmm Ommmmmmm ahhhhhh medication uh I mean um meditation yeahhhhhh :).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Too Cool Not to Share!

Check out this link-these girls are amazing!

They are performing at the Army Navy game in Ohio as the half time show. I have never seen jumproping look so COOOOOL! Wish I could do it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

15 Months and Counting

Still holding onto my "zenness". With all the talk lately of another 6-8 month wait it COULD be depressing if I let myself wallow-which I refuse to do. The reality for me is that another 6-8 months would mean a referral between April and June- ok I can live with that. Likely will NOT make it through court before closures (lets be realistic) therefore won't be doing any traveling until hmmmm....winter 2011? Which puts us at traveling WAYYYYYY to close to my husbands retirement which means he wouldn't be allowed to travel with I am simply going to "will it into being" that we get through court and have fast times on medicals and everything else and can travel before Dec. 2010. Perhaps wishful thinking but....HEY PEOPLE I AM TRYING TO MAINTAIN MY ZEN HERE!!!!