Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First 5K in my life!

Yep, I did it, I was able to complete a 5K today for the first time ever in my life. I also decreased my time in the first 3 kilometers. I went from 6 to 9 repetitions of 1:3, only slowing to 1:4 in the last lap. It HURT LIKE HELL, and yet felt really great too-who knew!?! Am I joining the Olympic running team, no, but it felt like a massive victory for my chubby butt.

For inspiration, every time I think of quitting, I picture trying to squeeze into an airplane seat and sitting there (off and on) for 30 hours. Knowing that I want to be as comfortable as possible on the flight to get my little one is a huge motivator for me right now. My last plane trip was an excersize in humiliation. My hips were simply too wide for the chair. I kept "spreading" and my hips pushed the armrest of my seatmate humiliating, and the guy was not polite about it. Honestly, I had bruises on my hips when the trip was over. I refuse to go through that again.

Additionally, my overall outlook on life has genuinely improved since I've been working out. Bart (DH) is loving my new attitude and comments positively on the improvements. He is very supportive of this venture of mine.

Tomorrow will be a recovery day but i look forward to my next big push!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey: Why Ethiopia?#links

I get this question all the time, and frankly, I get tired of answering it. Here is my answer,
written far more eloquently than I ever could manage.

Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey: Why Ethiopia?#links

Thank you Chad and Laura fo allowing me to borrow this.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day Two

Had a great workout today. I actually completed 3.7 km!!! I am stunned. I did cycles of 1:3 for the first two kilometers, and then slowed down to 1:5 for the last bit. My body is definitely hurting, but its good pain! I feel really proud of myself. And it is amazing how much the excersize has helped me get out of my "adoption blues" cycle.

Push ups: 5-rest-7- rest-16!!!

Forgot to mention that my sweetie went running with me which I think really helped my motivation. He is so supportive of my efforts it was great time spent together.

Oh, and I cut my hair super short- I love it! Will post pictures soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ok So Today Was Really Day One

Had some delays getting started on the running (gym closure, thunder storms), but did get right to work on the push up challenge.

I walk/jogged 2 km today. (Officially Day 1)
Rest day for Push up Challenge.


On the adoption front things are pretty quiet right now. Just waiting for one last piece of paperwork so that I can mail off our Sponsorship paperwork. I almost hate to send it in. It feels like the last bit of control that I have in this process until the referral comes.

If you are reading this post, take some time to love your body today!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the eyes of my eyes are opened: Thoughts at 6 months waiting...#links#links

I asked Julie for her permission to link to this post. I just about cried when I read it. Finally, somone who understands exactly how I feel. Read on, you'll understand.

the eyes of my eyes are opened: Thoughts at 6 months waiting...#links#links

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day One of Blog

Cheers to my first post on my first blog!

What am I gonna do with this blog? Well, I wanted a place to share my upcoming adoption experience, my love of belly dancing, and my quest to keep my curves while cutting the fat (I love being curvy, but don't love being unhealthy-surely there is some middle ground somewhere!). That being said, I am beginning two personal fitness challenges. First, to become a runner. I want to work up to a 10K. Secondly, I am going to take the 100 Push-Up Challenge.

Day One July 22, 2008
Running goal: 4 Minute walk, 1 Minute Run repeat sequence 6 times

Day One push ups
*I have to do modified knee push-ups at this point.
Goal: 5 rest 7 rest 10

Wish me luck!