Thursday, February 25, 2010

Question For Those in the Know

I don't want to call the agency and bug them right now so can anyone tell me if timelines are faster or slower for those families requesting singleton's instead of siblings? Most people whose blogs I read lately seem to be requesting sibs and I am a little freaked out by some of the timelines I am hearing about. As my beloved husband and I approach 20 months DTC we are trying to figure out some kind of timeline...I thought I had it all figured out but..............I am just not sure anymore. If it helps our basic requests were: infant to age 3, either sex.

I had been hoping for a June referral which would be around the 23rd month of waiting. Am I setting myself up for utter disappointment? Should I just tell myself (and all of the eagerly awaiting extended family) not to hope for anything until Septemberish (26 months?)

HELP I am slowly losing my mind (as each month passes)!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trying to Manifest...and oh yeah a pic of me

Ok, so I am hearing a lot of talking lately about bringing about the life/desires one wishes by willing them into being-aka "The Secret". I must be doing something wrong because no amount of my "willing" is moving ANYONE any faster in the adoption process. I have been trying to use my incredible powers of the mind to speed along all of the paperwork, glitches, etc that other adoptive families are facing. Hoping of course that this will help our referral to arrive more quickly. No such luck. I am quite sure there are many others out there "willing" with me....

Looking ahead....hmmm referral hopefully by June/July (I hope I hope I hope), waiting waiting waiting for court-what averaging 5-8 months right?...all the other paperwork/visa hoops to jump through.....I'll be LUCKY to have this wonderful Bebe home by hmmmmm let's do the math......earliest probably Jan 2011, latest could be....well we just won't even go there! I am not going to give that thought a chance to "manifest" itself. This is getting to the point of being kinda crazy. Manifest schmanifest....

A good friend did a photoshoot after my last performance (hence the slightly sweaty look) and I quite liked this photo. Keep in mind this was taken pre-weightloss!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


As of Saturday I am down 10 inches since October! This means my hiney (from which I lost 2 of those 10 inches) is that much closer to being comfortable in the airplane seat on my long trip to Ethiopia!