Friday, January 15, 2010

Attitude Shift...

I felt like this this morning:

Then this helped cheer me up. So did the prospect of the weekend and a raise at work! Suddenly life doesn't seem all that bad. Pretty sure it was all the kitty though!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Don't know why but I am feeling so bummed today about the whole process. For some reason it feels like the adoption process is unending with fun dashes of terror about all the different things that can go wrong with the process. I feel terrible because sometimes I think its not worth it- all of the stress and waiting. Maybe it would just be easier to give up altogether. I mean we have a pretty awesome life with just the two of us.

But then I see a Mom with her children at the mall, or at the school and I think, I WANT THAT!!! That relationship, the love, even the cruddy times (sick kids, crabby, etc).

I don't know, I guess I am just confused.


Monday, January 4, 2010

The Promise of a New Year

The New Year has started out right! We've officially hit 18 months waiting. I celebrated by taking a girlfriend down to the US and doing some damage in the shopping malls! Keep in mind this was my friends' first trip ever to the US, so it was fun seeing her experience my home country for the first time. Not to mention clearing up a few erroneously held stereotypes she had about Americans. Seriously, do you really think there are THAT many stupid Americanos that would strap skiis to their cars in the summertime? I mean think about that,how many people claim to know someone who has seen it really possible, or just urban legend that lets us feel more awesome? She was also very surprised at how good the service was in restaurants...having been told that American wait staff are rude etc etc...I mean come on, are there no bad waiters in Canada? I'm just saying...don't be a hater. I love both of my countries. And yes, I work equally hard to represent Canada positivly to my American bretheren as well. No, we don't all say "Eh", "aboot" etc.
Ok, apparently I needed to get that out...carrying on with the fun stuff... :)

Found a great pair of jeans. There is just something about finding jeans that make your butt look good that makes a girl smile. Especially since it was a size smaller than I used to wear. That's right folks, I am officially down three sizes from this summer! Zumba is rocking my world.

I teach my first official ZUMBA class on Thursday. A little nervous...I am worried people are going to be thinking "That chubby girl is going to teach me fitness?" and walk out. So my plan is just to address that right at the start of the class. I want to use a combination of humour and my own personal quest for fitness (not to mention the fact that I am the only one in our rural area with the training) to address this issue. Then blow their socks off with a fun hour!