Friday, March 27, 2009

Woohoo Spring Break is HERE!!!!

Wow, 10 days all to myself. I am honestly looking forward to just spending time in my home. Spring cleaning (although with all the snow it really doesn't feel like Spring), cooking, and visiting with friends. Now all I have to do is get over this miserable cold!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Negativeville Population: 1

Lately I spend a lot of time in Negativeville. You know you're in this town when you can't see the good in anything. Everyone pi$$e$ you off. You know that nothing will ever turn out right in your life again. I must fight my way outta this town! I have gotta create some positivity that can lead me back to Normal. I am really struggling to stay positive about everything. Having faith that the adoption will work out if I am patient enough. Trying not to worry over negative television and radio coverage regarding adoptions. Trying not to let work keep me awake at night. Laboring to remember that I have to take care of myself through proper diet and excercise (not going so well BTW). Dealing with being a military wife and all the stuff that goes with that. Missing home, family and friends. Honestly, the "poor me" list could go on forever. So, here is a conscious effort to remember some good things. Perhaps I can sleep better tonight if I try to fall asleep counting these wonderful things instead of making a mental list of all that I have to do in the morning. Here goes:

Numbers 1 and 2 in no particular order-My Niece and Nephew!Could those cheeks be any pudgier?

3. My awesome husband-I love watching him "practice" with other people's kids!

4. My HUGE puppy, ok she's 9 I guess she's not a puppy anymore!

5. Ducklings, seriously, who doesn't love ducklings?

and there's bellydancing, good friends, red wine, dark chocolate, Gee, maybe I CAN make it through another couple of days. Anyone else looking for "Normalville"? I'm trying to find my way....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is 8 Months Worth Anything?

I'm not even sure anymore if the 8th month counts as being "in the window"? Not that it really matters, I know this whole shabang is gonna take a minimum of 12 months before I need to start getting anxious. Better yet, perhaps I should not get anxious at all. Why stress over something that I have no control over? Because I am practising to be a MOM, duh. And what do MOM's do best but get anxious and worried.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Names...opinions?

Ok, after much debate my husband and I have definitely decided that we will keep our baby's Ethiopian name (whatever it might be) and give them a middle name of our choice. We find this very important as our child will likely be 2+ years old and already pretty comfortable with their name.

Dilema: I know many people who have "non-standard" North American names and while some revel in their uniqueness, others as adults change it to something similar but more familiar, or simply go by a middle name as they become frustrated with mispronunciation etc. For example a friends husband's name is Sjerup, he goes by Shep, a similar pronunciation.

I hope that our child will cherish the connection to their homeland that their first name provides. At the same time, the act of naming is, I think, a deeply rooted part of becoming a parent and so I am already obsessing over middle names. I want to have a list ready so that once I know the first name I can choose the appropriate middle accompaniment that flows well.

Boy names are easy. We are choosing James after DH's father whom we all miss dearly. I didn't get a whole lot of say in this one (DH is adamant)but I loved Jim and am happy and proud to pass that on to a son.

Girl names get to be my choice (see how fair DH is?). So far my list of favs include:

Abigail- fathers joy
Bella-form of Isabella, consecrated of God
Bethany-house of figs
Daphne-laurel tree
Dawn-sunrise :)
Ella-beautiful fairy woman
Lola (my paternal Grandmother)
Maya-God's creative power
Natalie-born on Christmas Day
Rebecca-tied, bound
Simona (not Simone)
Susanne/Suzette/Susannah -some form of Susan for my mom who is awesome!

I am interested in hearing people's thoughts. Perhaps you can help me narrow down the list! Be honest- I don't want my kid getting beat up for having a dorky name just because i think it would be cute!